Sponsor your dear one

NRI can sponsor their Parents, Relatives or Friends in India

Either NRIs / NRES residing abroad and is willing to get his / her nears and dears treated. These people with such a noble wish should inform us the patient's Full Name, Address, and telephone no. And we will come back to you with details within 24 hours.

Only 50% of the service charge will be charged for every extra patient.

Sapphire SEHA has access to unlimited number of top Medical specialist. Physicians & Surgeons can be arranged at short notice. Post-operative treatment of our client is our priority, we provide tailor made packages for our clients and offer complete personalised approach while ensuring their personal safety, privacy and their medical problems are kept confidential.

Advantages from Medical tourism service providers: Sophistication in health care & diagnostic process has become too costly; hence every body cannot afford it. Insurance companies are force to charge very high premium.

15% to 20% American & European population is unable to insure themselves & their families. Uninsured people are forced to skip their periodic health check-ups. So when they fall ill & if the treatment is delayed, it becomes very chronic, critical & dangerous too.