Medical Guidelines

Some of the guidelines which should be followed by every traveller coming for healthcare purposes to avert any kind of doubts or difficulties–

  • Make sure that the hospital where you want to undergo your medical treatment must be certified and licensed.
  • Check for the quality of patient care, gather all probable information about the doctors that could possibly be involved in your treatment and cost involved before confirming the hospital. You can always explore about the hospital on the Internet.
  • Learn as much as you can in regard of your procedure and treatment plan. It is very vital to have genuine expectations from the medical procedure, pre –post operative care as well as the recovery period.
  • Before undergoing any kind of treatment, see your doctor in person. There is a chance where your doctor may perhaps suggest some other course of treatment instead of the planned one, depending upon your diagnostic results.
  • Make a file or a folder of all the necessary documents along with their photocopy. Keep the originals at a safe place.
  • Make another file of all the medical reports, and health records such as health history, X-rays, photograph, scans, MRI’s immunization records, etc., that are related to the medical process.
  • Make sure you have your Visa and Passport, along with other things like travelers’ check, credit cards, debit cards, and yes, some local currency too.
  • Carrying your driver’s license, which is valid till the time of your travel is also necessary.

Note: Hospitals/doctors do not recommend any kind of medical procedure without carrying out diagnostic tests of the patient to understand his/her health situation.

Pre-Health check Guidelines

  • To make the process of health checkup a pleasant experience, adhere to these guidelines.
  • Abstaining from consuming alcohol at least 12 hours prior to health check is mandatory.
  • Carry your medical records that are 1-3 years old and medical accessories like spectacles, hearing aid and other things you need in day to day use.
  • Inform in advance if you want to undergo additional tests/ investigations/ procedures/ consultations at request or if required so that the Customer Care Executive can schedule your appointment.
  • Inform the medical officer at the time of the Pre-Health Check Evaluation for suspected pregnancy or any other illness.
  • Please do not apply cream, oil, or powder on your chest when you come for the check-up.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid wearing jewellery like necklaces/ chains.
  • Wear sports shoes for the Treadmill test (Stress test).
  • Arrive early at the hospital as the day will be full of medical tests and investigations.

For women

Radiological investigations (X-rays) are not advised in the early stages of pregnancy.

Mammography is usually not recommended for women less than 40 years of age.

You are advised not to undergo the health check during ongoing menstrual periods. The results of the urine examination and the PAP smear get altered during this period.

In case of any of the following, inform the customer care coordinator immediately:

  • Present/ suspected pregnancy.
  • Missed/ delayed periods.
  • If you are menstruating, the PAP smear test cannot be done.

Special precautions

  • Inform in advance if you are a diabetic/ cardiac patient.
  • Kindly carry prescription/ medication along with you if you are taking any.
  • If you are a Diabetic on medication, please take the medication as per your normal schedule.
  • If you suffer from hypertension and take medication, please take the scheduled medication at 06: 30 am on the day of the checkup.
  • If walking on a treadmill is difficult you will be offered Echo Cardiography in lieu of Treadmill Test (Stress Test).
  • If you use contact lenses, please do not wear them on the day of health checkup.
  • Men may be required to shave their chest for Treadmill Test (Stress Test).