About Sapphire SEHA

Sapphire SEHA is a Medical tourism company focusing on providing health care treatment for valued patients from across the globe and in India.

Sapphire SEHA is a world renowned brand in Indian Healthcare and Medical Tourism, having built a reliable and reputable, quality oriented organization. We have successfully arranged complete treatment packages for several patients and we pride ourselves in keeping to our motto “ Light to Wellness ”.

Our team at Sapphire SEHA consists of staff from a diverse and experienced background in international patient management. This enables us to offer Superior Medical Treatment at affordable prices. All of our Doctors, Hospitals and others in the health care industry, are vetted through an exclusive process to provide the best care in India.

Our commitment to you and your wellbeing during your stay in India is our primary focus. We are committed to serving you with honesty, respect and complete transparency.

Why Sapphire SEHA

The real challenge for any patient is in identifying the right Doctor and Hospital for a particular kind of treatment. It is necessary for patients to be guided and assisted by experts in this field to make the patient’s travel, medical treatment and stay, most comfortable and more convenient.

At Sapphire SEHA, we are a team of experienced professionals that take pride in looking after an international clientele of patients and their relatives, by providing services to make everyone feel at home. Sapphire SEHA focuses on its partnerships with the most prestigious doctors and Hospitals from all over India. This helps our patients to connect easily and efficiently to experienced medical and surgical experts, thereby, facilitating a healthy and happy recovery process.

We offer a one-stop experience for Patients seeking safe, highly effective, personalized medical programs, combined with our international standard of health care services provided in India.


Sapphire SEHA’s sole mission is to empower medical travelers in making affordable choices for quality medical care in India and also to create an environment where medical healthcare is not a luxury but a basic right that can be easily achieved by everyone.
We continue to be one of the best Medical Tourism operators in the country providing unmatched services to our patients.


Sapphire SEHA’s vision is to offer comprehensive assistance for the absolute wellness of patients arriving in India that are under our care.

  • To provide every patient and organization with uncompromised quality healthcare.
  • To assure the availability of excellent treatment by eminent doctors in their field of expertise
  • To collaborate with patients in providing solutions for their medical treatment as well as for their healing and recovery.
  • To ensuring safe and successful procedures, especially during embarkation and disembarkation into/from India
  • To Maintain the highest of ethical standards